Monday, June 7, 2010

The lack of posts accurately mirrors a lack of time for posting! It has been an extremely busy last month. We were blessed to take an incredible vacation to Tennessee and North Carolina. We met up with Jason's family and spent one of the best weekends ever camping in Tennessee. We were with Jason's brother Ben and his wife Shanika, and Jason's sister Kelli and her husband Alex. The six of us had a blast sitting around the campfire late into the night and talking, laughing, reminiscing, and listening to how God is working in each of our lives.

From there Jason and I headed to Smokey Mountain National Park where we camped for three nights and enjoyed God's beautiful creation all around us. It was awesome for us to wake up and see mountains everyday. It made us very excited to live in the Andes Mountains in Bolivia!

Next we headed to North Carolina where Jason was in one of his best friend's weddings. It was a wonderful time with lots of friends and lots of fun. We did white water rafting and hiking and enjoyed witnessing the marriage of two incredible friends.

When we got back home we started to prepare for our garage sale and move. It was a busy time but we were able to do both successfully. The whole moving process went so smoothly. We were so thankful to have lots of help. Jason's family came up from St. Louis and my family came down too. We also had Kasey's boyfriend Matt help us out. He has a truck and so does my dad, so with two pick-ups and lots of hands it was a really smooth transition.

We are all settled into our new place and loving it. It is such a nice feeling to be living more simply. It's also an added bonus that Jason can walk to work. It takes him about four minutes.

This week we are at International Teams for our one-week training. It’s so exciting to meet all the other Missionaries in Training (MITs). There are 11 other MITs here for the week. The training is from 8-5 every day and consists of classes in cross-cultural communication, biblical frameworks, financial planning, and the overall vision and values of International Teams. We also had a testimony time where all the MITs shared their testimonies. It was incredible to hear how God is at work in the lives of His children.

On a side note, Jason and I have signed up to run the Chicago Half Marathon. It’s 13.1 miles….kind of far for us…..we are not runners in the least bit! Surprisingly, the training has been going well so far. Right now we are at five miles and are increasing each week. We are thankful to have moved right next to the perfect bike path that runs right along the Fox River. It’s an ideal spot for training that provides some beautiful scenery to take our minds off the run. We’ve seen many deer along the way, and once even a big snapping turtle!

Please continue to pray for us this week as we are in training and God is preparing our hearts for the journey ahead. After our training we plan to really focus on our support raising, talking with churches, and sending out more letters. So if you have not heard from us yet, we haven’t forgotten about you! There is still a lot to be done……as always!


  1. Thanks for posting and sharing. It is so exciting to see how God is leading you and providing for you. Praying for you two!

  2. Love you guys! Sounds like you are getting a lot accomplished. We're excited for you and praying for you!

  3. Thanks guys, Your encouragement is always nice to hear/read.

  4. Yay! This reminds me to send in my donation :)