Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ask and you shall recieve....

The Lord has been providing for us in the most incredible ways. While preparing for our year in Bolivia there are so many things that need to be arranged. One of the big ones is our housing. The lease on our current place is up in June. We asked our landlord if he would be willing to rent month to month but he can't do it. This left us with no place to live after June, which meant hunting for a new place to live where we could rent month to month. It was kind of a tall order as most people want to secure a year-long commitment.

So at the beginning of last week we set three goals:
1. Find a place to live
2. Jason tell his work about our plans to leave
3. Get our letters done and sent out

When we set these, we weren't exactly being realistic, but it was just a start to get us motivated and on the right track. God had other ideas.

On Monday, Jason was on his lunch break and decided to take a short walk across the bridge on the Fox River. When he got to the other side, he came across a house with a FOR RENT sign in the yard. It was for an upstairs one bedroom apartment. After work we drove past it and got the number off the sign and called. Jason explained our situation to the woman who answered, and as we expected, she was sorry but could not rent month to month.

Later that night we were in small group and got a call back. It was the same woman saying she had talked it over with her husband and they decided that they would love to help us out, they would let us rent month to month! The next day we went over to see the place. It's perfect for what we need. A kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living room, all very cozy (and yes that is a euphemism for small) but all newly remodeled. The rent is half of what we pay now, but the best part is Jason can walk to work, which is so helpful being that we are a one car family.

So by Tuesday we had found a place to live, goal number one was accomplished! God was working quickly....and he was even working in awesome ways earlier that morning. Jason talked with his bosses that day and told them of our plans. They were really excited for us and told Jason he has a job until he needs it AND his job will be waiting for him when we get back if he wants it!! This was such reassurance for Jason that he is doing a great job and work and that God again had this all worked out for good!

The Lord also provided time for us to get our letters done and got some mailed out! If you are reading this hopefully you have received one. If not we still have more to send. God has richly blessed us with an abundance of family and friends. The names just keep coming and excel spreadsheets have become our new best friend! Our kitchen table is piled high with stacks of letters, envelopes, address books, and stamps. It's a kind of productive, organized chaos. But it's getting done. After two weeks of subbing every day (praise God for work), the Lord has given me some days of no sub calls, so I've been able to use my time to get letters out.

So all three goals have been accomplished. God is paving our way. We don't know exactly why God is calling us to serve, we don't know what kind of difference we will make to the people in Bolivia, but we know that the Lord is paving our way. He is moving and working all things out so we know we're on the right path. He is giving us assurance and confidence and proving His faithfulness to us.


  1. Hey guys! Praise God for all those blessings in the last week. The Lord be with you both as you join in with God's mission of reconciliation in Bolivia.

  2. hurray! super excited for you guys!

  3. I really thank God for what He is doing, I praise Him :)

  4. Wow I did not realize how God has been bulldozing you guys a pathway - hooray!